About Us


Avalon Diner’s origin begins with the opening of the Avalon Drug Store in 1938 on the corner of Westheimer and Kirby in then far west Houston, Texas. Beginning in July of that year the Griner family started a tradition that continues to this day. From its inception the 20-seat soda fountain and small dining room tucked away in the back of the drug store has been a gathering magnet for the neighborhood known as the “Avalon” addition to the “River Oaks” community. The Griner family operated the drug store until 1972 when Bill Morris the lead pharmacist bought the drug store and extended the name to “Avalon Drug Company & Diner. Morris operated the dual drug store and diner until 1992 when he approached the current owners, Coy and Bambilynn Ramsey to acquire the diner.  After 55 years in its original location the drug store & diner relocate just one block east to its present location in late 1993. To maximize the drug store and diner’s operational potential and continue the history the move included separating the business’s yet included a common door to operate side by side.  In August of 2008 Morris, after 36 years, retired and the drug store closed with much fanfare and sweet sorrow in the community. Avalon Diner now standing alone celebrates over 75 years proudly serving the River Oaks community.

As a focal point in the community the diner has seen generation after generation grow up as they flowed though their doors.  In the nation’s fourth largest city the diner has continued to represent what many people have seen disappear over the years, the perseverance of a sense of community, personal service and family.

Over the years Avalon Diner has branched out to other communities in the Houston area and opened locations. In 2000 Avalon Diner opened in “The Fountains on the Lake” in Stafford on U.S. Highway 59. That store has been a franchise since 2006. In 2010 Avalon Diner created another likeness in the “Memorial Villages” area on I-10 just outside “The Loop”.

The Avalon could not be what is without a tremendous staff and complemented by an outstanding customer base. We look forward to many more years of serving the Avalon communities.